O.T. from the Netherlands

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 Arriving around the start of the wet season, the work was rough. The heat and the humidity combined made sure that     you’d feel that you were doing physical labor. And that’s part of the appeal, it’s great that Rich is understanding of the fact that everyone’s capacity to work under those conditions is different, and lets you set your own pace. Meanwhile, it’s very nice to have a daily debrief during the dog walk. On the downside, the accommodation was very primitive, giving the experience of camping more than anything. When rain was flying onto our beds it would’ve been pretty gnarly if it wasn’t for Linh’s rapid response. It’s not that she did things we couldn’t have done; it’s rather that it can be pretty overwhelming having to figure out how to live that life all by yourself during those first days.

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Volunteering at Rich’s farm, I had a real taste of rural life in Vietnam; it’s not always comfortable and the work can be dirty, but you see how the permaculture practice is already making a big difference, and you are rewarded with a lush oasis that will only keep getting better!

Huilin from the USA

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This experience introduced me to permaculture, and what it’s like to live with very little. I got to laugh a lot and eat from the garden behind Rich’s place. I did get ill a little in the beginning so my tasks were reduced until I got better. It took me 3-4 days to really start liking my experience as I’ve never lived like this before. After that, it felt very natural and I enjoyed living with the bugs and animals and nature. I’d say if you are really interested in permaculture then take Rich’s course because as a volunteer we got a little of it with the tasks given to us.

Ellen J from Belgium

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I really liked the farmwork and the diversity of tasks we got to do. We did some weeding, seeding, gathering seeds, creating bamboo trellises, creating a mud wall,…


Pierre Gasowski from the UK

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It was such a great experience working on this permaculture farm.I learned a lot about permaculture, the owner Rich is very knowledgeable and taught me a lot. I enjoyed living at a different rythme than usual, having to wake up early because the afternoons are too hot to work was not something I was used to but I ended up really enjoying this. The family and the volunteers on this farm were really nice, very friendly, and kind people.

Phuong Nguyen from Vietnam

10 out of 10 (From email feedback)

“I think it would be more fun if I didn’t forget my sunscreen and had more volunteers on the farm :)). I miss you all.”


Ngoc Nguyen from Vietnam

10 out 10 (from email feedback)

“It’s hard to tell the reason as everything that has happened, each piece of memory during my stay is really precious to me.
I got to be indulged in nature and drown myself in the warm embrace of Mother Earth. The knowledge I’ve gained from the talk with Rich every day and also through work/practice is incredibly big and amazing. And there’s this wonderful wonderful family, a mother, and two kids who made me feel belong like I’m a kid again, and that I’m cared for.
I love the silence there, the atmosphere, the stars that I can hardly see clearly in the city, the calm forests that when they get a gust of wind, all of the trees start to sing and dance, and the dogs. I love the version of myself when staying there.
And many more.”

Thao Phuong from Vietnam

“The time in Pangaia had so much meaning for me. I love everything in Pan Gaia just I can’t drink milk tea there haha. I miss you, Mrs.Le, Vân Chi, Xíu, chị Linh,… so much. Thank you a lot for teaching me new knowledge that I think I would never know anywhere else. I gonna be back soon :3 so I can learn more from you and so many questions go on. ”