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Why should you study the Permaculture Design Course?

This course not only provides you with the theory and practical knowledge to create design plans, it allows you to put into action that knowledge through actual projects.


This Class Is Like No Other

The lecture part, which is mandatory for all PDCs, is a prerecorded online class. 

Each week there will be a live Q&A where you will get answers to your site-specific questions, and problems, in real-time.

Practical applications are performed at Pan Gaia Permaculture Farm in Vietnam 

Study at your convenience PLUS a live weekly Q & A


You will have full access to all course material after payment. The Q&A is held at a time convenient to all.

Videos are omline and can be accessed anytime and the Q&A is held at a time convenient to all

Online, Project-based Learning with lectures PLUS you can ask a question in the comments section if you can't wait for the Q&A. 

Recorded So You Never Miss A Lesson

If you live in a different time-zone you can still listen to the whole class including the Q&A

This is a 72 hours certified course that covers all aspects of Permaculture as detailed by Bill Mollison (co-founder of the movement and author of "Permaculture: a designer's manual"with an emphasis on soil regeneration.

The course will touch all elements required to design a complete Permaculture site and will include;

Permaculture Ethics and Principles, Soil, Water, Fungi, Processes and Frameworks, Food Forests and Gardens, Tropical Climates, Aquaculture, Alternative Energy, Urban Permaculture, Regenerative Agriculture, and Social Permaculture.

The course will include a written project at the end of each section plus a final design project . A PDC certificate will be issued upon completion and presentation of the final design

Who Is This Course For?

You are a hands-on learner

You're a visual learner

You don't have 2 weeks free but can commit to studying an online course at your convenience.

If you are interested in Permaculture but don't want to spend $1,000 or more for one of many courses on the market

You want to know more about soil than other most other courses offer

You can't commit to a full 2 week course but can attend a 4 day weekend session


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6 Monthly payments
Final payment of $149 due on arrival
Lifetime Access
Does not include textbook.
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About your Instructor

I started reading about permaculture as far back as the 1970s when I read about it in Mother Earth News.

More than a few years ago, my partner and I left the corporate training world and decided to go out on our own and create a soft skill training center, taught in English, here in Vietnam.

Our initial idea was to hold weekend, and week-long camps for children and teach them basic survival skills and respect for nature.

We were looking for suitable locations to have our campouts when we were shown some property about 5 hrs outside of Saigon. While the rest of our small group was walking through the property, I came upon a very large boulder that looked like it had been split in half by a giant ax. It was then that I started to recall all the articles I had read for the past 40 years, from Mother Earth News magazine, about building with natural materials and creating a homestead. The word "permaculture" kept popping up in my head as if telling me something.

The owner noticed I was looking at the rock and said that no one had ever stopped to look at it before. She liked how I had made the connection with it and offered to sell us the land, which we did.

We held a couple of campouts there but COVID-19 ended that venture. We then moved to an opportunity to create an organic agriculture-based educational program at Green Noen Farm and create an online Permaculture Design Certification course.

After 1 1/2 years, we had to give that up because of ...COVID-19. We sold the land we first bought for more than twice we paid for it and bought, along with some investors, a 3ha coffee and durian tree farm, in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, and will implement permaculture principles to create a permaculture, private label, branded coffee. In addition, the site will be used, post covid, for an in-person Permaculture Design Certification course.
I learned permaculture from Matt Powers through his Advanced Permaculture Design course, the only peer-reviewed, cited advanced permaculture textbook now being used in public schools.

In addition, I also took Matt's Regenerative Entrepreneurs & Experts, Introduction to Regenerative Soil, Regenerative soil, and Soil Secrets courses.

I have spent the past 9 years teaching English and Public Speaking at companies such as Nike, Microsoft, Harvey Nash Tech, Adnovan, FTP (Vietnamese software company) and owned an English-in-Action, an English Language and soft skill training center. I was also the Past President of the Saigon Toastmaster club and served as District 97 Asst Division Director of membership, Area Director, (Vietnam), and District Pathways Trainer (new program trainer)